Deep Valley Brewing

Branding for an independent Los Angeles Brewery

This is a series of explorations I did for a proposed brewery based in the San Fernando Valley, CA. The brief was to create a clean, distinct, and direct brand that could create its own niche in the crowded craft beer community.

Communicating the brand starts with the can – it's the first thing most people will ever see. It had to present the brand clearly, stand out from other options, and leave a lasting impression.

The end result is as dirdct as possible. The color and typography clearly announces the type of brew, demonstrating the clarity Deep Valley desired. A faded map of the San Fernando Valley adds local flair without overwhelming the minimal design.

For limited editions and special runs, an inverted version of the can provides a distinct visual shorthand saying 'This is Something Different.' Early ideas presented included a date-brewed beer for Valentine's Day, a classic American Lager for Independence Day, and a Cinnamon Dessert Beer for the holidays.

Deep Valley Brewing