LSTN Packaging Design

Packaging Design for Headphones, Earbuds and Speakers

LSTN needed high quality packaging that would leave a strong first impression. When your competition includes Beats, Bose, and Amazon, every penny counts.

The former packaging for this product was a large folding gift box with a front flap, offering a lot of space to show the product and tell the story, but added significant costs and did not allow for any small-scale production runs due to its unique construction. I was tasked with updating not only the style of the packaging artwork, but the construction as well.

After exploring numerous options for presentaion, we settled that an outer sleeve / inner gift box design/ This allowed for easy customization of the sleeve for special orders and corporate clients, while keeping a unified inner box that could be printed in masse and used on future orders, regardless of sleeve artwork.

The Troubadour

The Troubadour packaging accomplished three main goals: Tell the LSTN story of giving hearing aids, present the product and accessories in an appealing, compact manner, and hit a target budget to keep costs as low as possible.

When opened, the packaging presents all accessories upfront, hidden under the branded microfibre travel bag. A small magazine-quality insert book is provided, not only offering instructions for use but telling the LSTN brand story and encouraging users to leave a review and share their purchase on social media.

The outer design keeps to LSTN's overall brand strategy to let the product stand on its own, using white backgrounds and minimal typography / graphical elements, letting the product stand out. A spot UV finish further sets the product apart from the rest of the packaging.

LSTN Sound Co