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Creative Direction for a Purposeful Audio Company

For 5 years I served as the Creative Director for LSTN Sound Co. During that time I have led design efforts for the company, as well as for global partnerships with Delta Air Lines, Chivas Regal, Spotify, and more.

During this time I've had the opportunity to work in multiple areas of design. Some highlights of my work are listed here:


LSTN's packaging had to meet three main goals: Tell the LSTN story of giving hearing aids, present the product and accessories in an appealing, compact manner, and maintain a clean, direct style that allowed the product to stand out.

When opened, the packaging presents all accessories upfront, hidden under the branded microfibre travel bag. A small magazine-quality insert book is provided, not only offering instructions for use but telling the LSTN brand story and encouraging users to leave a review and share their purchase on social media.

The outer design keeps to LSTN's overall brand strategy to let the product stand on its own, using white backgrounds and minimal typography / graphical elements, letting the product stand out. A spot UV finish further sets the product apart from the rest of the packaging.


A theme LSTN kept coming back to was the idea of rewarding the customer — if someone was taking the time to browse the online store, they should be presented with new and deeper information at every opportunity.

I designed all aspects of LSTN's online identity from art direction to UI, and coded the theme from scratch in Shopify. The main goals were to echo their packaging design on the product pages, incorporate imagery and video as much as possible, and to ensure there was a clear user goal or call to action at all times.

Keeping the product from and center was a key goal of the website

Keeping the product from and center was a key goal of the website

A custom product landing page template

Sections of a sample product page, showing slide-down add to cart button

Sections of a sample product page, showing slide-down add to cart button

LSTN's default product page template

LSTN's default product page template


I've done principal product photography for LSTN since the founding of the company in 2013, when I shot their pre-launch product photos. My photography has been used in almost every way possible since then from packaging and ecommerce to full-size billboards. I continue to produce all visual content for the brand.

To accentuate the natural materials and premium product quality, LSTN's photography uses a pure white background and removes all distractions from the image. This allows the product to set itself apart in a sea of plastic headphones.

LSTN's design philosophy carried through to lifestyle imagery, emphasizing a clean midcentury-inspired aesthetic. Adding just a little L.A. flair was key, but as always, the product was the #1 priority.

Product Design

The Apollo holds a special place in my heart, as it was the first product I helped to design while working full-time for LSTN. Though manufacturing difficulties forced us to stop producing the Apollo after only a short time, the speaker received rave reviews for both its looks and sound quality.

What I Did:

Print Design:
Packaging, Collateral, Magazines, Mailers, Proposal Decks
Web Design:
Front-End Development using Shopify, Email Templates (Mailchimp, Klaviyo)
Marketing Materials:
Billboards, Print Ads, Facebook / Google / Pinterest Ads
Product Design

To see videos I’ve made as a part of LSTN’s charitable mission, click here. For a more in-depth look into my role with LSTN, please view my LinkedIn profile.

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