Sheswai Beauty

Made Moon to Moon

I designed the brand identity for Sheswai, a California-based beauty and wellness brand. The brand founder requested a clean and modern look that retained a somewhat homespun feel. They wanted to incorporate floral designs, the moon, and a 'California Cool' vibe.

I created the logo, product labels, insert materials, website, and overall style guide. The founder asked for an update to their existing logo to incorporate the moon cycles into the existing heart shape. The two tail ends of the logo create the waxing and waning crescents, while the curves of the heart also echo the letter 'S', creating a bond between the company name and logo.

Product Labels

Sheswai's product labels, content cards, and other deliverables use botanical illustrations, natural materials, and a minimal color palette of cream, sage and gold. A foil deboss adds an eye-catching accent to product hang tags and business cards without being overdone or distracting. Combined, these elements hold to the premium yet homespun ethos of the brand.

The goal was for the end product to be presented like a well-thought-out gift from a friend — something that is exciting to open and is cherished when used.


Inspired by vintage scientific illustrations, botanical drawings show the ingredients that make up each product and create a sense of cohesion across collateral, packaging, and digital branding.

These content cards are included with Sheswai's two product kits. They walk the customer through the ritual of home cleansing, and help to build the experience of using the Sheswai product line.

Every Sheswai product is based around the lunar cycle, and the founder wanted a visual representation of that to help explain its importance to customers. The symbol shows an abstract version of the cycles of the moon, and uses the same curves and angles as the logo to maintain continuity.


The founder requested a clean, direct landing page to gather emails before the product's official launch, and wanted to use a more colorful version of the flower illustrations found on the packaging and collateral. The end result presents a lavender flower growing into the Sheswai logo, and clicking the 'moon-to-moon' symbol in the footer switches the active color theme.

What I Did

Graphic Design
Logo and Branding, Typography, Overall Style
Product Labeling, Packaging
Web Design
Front-end (Jekyll), Email Templates (Mailchimp)

Made Moon to Moon

Sheswai Beauty